At Mountainhill we believe in the idea of design as the fundamental starting point for any functional creation. It becomes the basis from which all else is built. It’s here where all the exciting possibilities can begin to be explored for your spaces.

The approach to design in landscape construction is a unique opportunity. We have the ability to create both form and function from a wide variety of materials and plants, but at the same time we are creating a space that is used for relaxation and enjoyment. We take our inspiration from many places but our focus remains in creating well conceived and developed design.

Once we’ve had a chance to meet and discuss initial ideas we start the design process. This includes initial concepts to start the idea process, from which we can make revisions together to achieve the final, well thought out landscape plan. This is then exported into planning software to create the detailed construction plan from which the construction crews work directly. We’ll then make it a reality!

Landscapes by design...

We were very early adopters in using 3d rendering software for modeling our projects. It’s been an exciting journey to have been a part of. What it can do for us as both designers and clients in visualizing projects has been developing rapidly. We’ve been keeping up.

It’s simply allowed us to present clients with Scaled 3d models, which include plant material, specific material textures and shadow positioning, to accurately finalize a landscape plan that when built will look virtually identical to the model, except that you’re sitting in it!